IMT Atlantique

First year program (eq. L3)

  • BD IHM (human-computer interface)
    Practicals, 2021- now, 16,5h / year

Second and third year, HCI major (eq. M1-2)

  • RAUG (computer vision and augmented reality)
    Lecture and practicals, 2021-now

École Centrale de Nantes

First year program (eq. L3)

  • ALGPR (algorithm and programming)
    Practicals, 2017-2019, 18h / year

  • Supervision of industrial projects
    2017-2020, 2 project groups / year

Second and third year, Virtual Reality major (eq. M1-2)

  • VSION (computer vision and augmented reality)
    Practicals, 2017-2020, 28h / year

  • Initiation to the use of 3D software (Unity)
    Practicals, 2018-2020, 6h / year

  • COARV (advanced knowledge in virtual reality)
    Practicals and supervision of projects, 2018-2020, 22h / year

  • Supervision of application projects
    2017-2020, total: ~15 projects

École Polytechnique

Master program "Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Visual Computing"

One-day intervention (lecture and practicals) dedicated to Augmented Reality, as part of the "Virtual / Augmented Reality & 3D Interactions" major
Feb. 2020, 6h