Training and Qualifications

PhD from Centrale Nantes, specializing in Architecture and Urban Studies
Sep 2017 – Nov 2020 Dijon

Title: Toward a Characterization of Perceptual Biases in Mixed Reality: A Study of Factors Inducing Distance Misperception

Thesis carried out in the AAU Crenau (Nantes) and Inria (Rennes) labs.

Defended at Nantes on November 24, 2020. (Replay of the defense available here)


  • Guillaume Moreau, École Centrale de Nantes
  • Ferran Argelaguet, Inria Rennes
  • Jean-Marie Normand, École Centrale de Nantes


  • Victoria INTERRANTE, University of Minnesota
  • Jean-Louis VERCHER, CNRS
  • Sarah CREEM-REGEHR, University of Utah
  • Valérie GYSELINCK, Gustave Eiffel University
  • Anatole LÉCUYER, Inria Rennes
‘Diplôme d’Ingénieur’ of Centrale Nantes
Sep 2013 – Jun 2017 Nantes

Highly selective French Engineering School conferring a diploma equivalent to a Master’s degree.

  • First year: Training as a general engineer, core curriculum.
  • Second year: Major: Virtual Reality
  • Third year: Gap year
    • Development of digital applications for heritage (8 months)
    • Advanced go practice during a trip to Japan (6 months).
  • Fourth year: Research Major.
Student in ‘Classes Préparatoires’
Sep 2010 – Jun 2013 Dijon
A 2-year intensive course in mathematics, physics and chemistry, preparing for the national competitive entry examinations for French Schools of Engineering.

Professional experience

Associate Professor
IMT Atlantique
Dec 2020 – Present Brest
  • Member of the Inuit team, from the Lab-STICC lab
Doctoral Contract
Centrale Nantes / Inria
Apr 2015 – Sep 2015 [Nantes Rennes]

Perception and Interaction in Augmented Reality

Hybrid Team, Inria Rennes / AAU Crenau, École Centrale de Nantes

Final Year Internship
CLARTE (Technology Resource Center Specializing in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Emerging Technologies)
Apr 2017 – Sep 2017 Laval
Development of an industrial and collaborative application in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
Research project
Centrale Nantes
Sep 2016 – Mar 2017 Nantes

« Influence of the disparity between accommodation and vergence in the perception of augmented reality environments »

Bibliographic research, design and realization of experiments, writing of scientific documents.

Research project
Network « Usages Des Patrimoines Numérisés » (UDPN) – Univ. Paris 13
Jan 2016 – Feb 2016 [Nantes Paris]

« Modeling and simulation of heritage: for a critical evaluation of digital applications »

Interviews of curators and head of communication of cultural institutions. Analyze of and preparation of a report on the use of digital technologies in French museums.

Interdisciplinary research project
Univ. Nantes & LS2N Lab.
Oct 2015 – Dec 2015 Nantes

Experimentation of new methods of cultural mediation.

Development of interactive AR applications based on a 3D environment and a corpus of archive images.

In situ interfacing of archive data during the visit of a major cultural venue in the city of Nantes: the Mauduit salons.

Second Year Internship
LS2N Lab.
Apr 2015 – Sep 2015 Nantes
Development of Augmented Reality applications to enhance technical or heritage objects Participation in the exhibition “Planetary Travel” at `La Cité des Congrès de Nantes’


University of South Australia

Bruce Thomas

Beijing Institute of Technology

Yue Liu, Yuan Gao

Tokyo Institute of Technology (Augmented Vision Lab)

Yuta Itoh

Student mentoring and supervision

--- displayMode: compact --- gantt dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD axisFormat %b %Y todayMarker off section PhD students Aymeric Henard : active, aHenard, 2021-09-01, 2024-08-31 Julien Cauquis : active, 2022-03-01, 2025-02-28 Thi Thanh Hoa Tran : active, 2022-09-01, 2025-08-31 Angelica Mori : active, 2023-10-01, 2026-09-30 Juri Yonegawa : 2024-09-01, 2027-08-31 section Post-doc Marie Jarrell : 2021-11-01, 2023-10-31 Anjara Nobby Rakotoarivelo : 2023-01-01, 2023-12-31 section Research engineers Jérémie Donjat : 2022-12-01, 2023-05-31 Pierre Fayol : active, 2024-02-01, 2024-12-31 section Master students Guyllian Gomez: 2021-01-19, 2021-07-30 Lucas Bernin: 2022-01-31, 2022-07-15 Hugo Da Maïa: 2022-04-04, 2022-08-12 Daniel Ledoussal: 2022-05-09, 2022-06-03 Nolwenn Paluet: 2023-03-01, 2023-08-31 Clément Jézéquel: 2023-03-01, 2023-08-31 Ambre Daigremont: 2023-04-01, 2023-07-31 Taha Lamine: active, 2024-04-01, 2024-08-31 Clémence Cunin: active, 2024-03-01, 2024-08-31 Georges Simbe: active, 2024-01-08, 2024-03-31 Marie-Cécile Leculier: active, 2024-02-21, 2024-06-28 Lory Somphonphakdy: 2024-04-01, 2024-08-31 Lucas Thomesse: 2024-04-02, 2024-09-27

Involvement in academic research


International Conferences

  • IEEE VR – IEEE Virtual Reality Conference
    • Reviewer for the conference since 2020
    • Member of the Program Committee since 2021
  • IEEE ISMAR - IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality
    • Reviewer for the conference since 2019
    • Member of the Program Committee for Conference Papers since 2020
    • Member of the Program Committee for Journal Papers since 2021
  • ICAT EGVE - International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence & Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments
    • Member of the Program Committee since 2022
  • ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST) - 2022
  • CoG 2020 – IEEE Conference of Games 2020


  • Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments
  • IEEE TVCG – Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
  • Computers & Graphics

Conference Organization

  • Member of the organizing committee of ISMAR2017
  • Member of the organizing committee for IEEE Workshop on Perceptual and Cognitive Issues in xR (PERCxR) from 2020 to 2022 (held during IEEE VR and IEEE ISMAR conferences)


IMT Atlantique
Engineering program
IMT Atlantique
Sep 2021 – Present Brest
  • First year program (eq. L3)
    • BD IHM (human-computer interface)
      • Practicals, 2021- now, 16,5h / year
  • Second and third year, HCI major (eq. M1-2)
    • RAUG (computer vision and augmented reality)
      • Lecture and practicals, 2021-now
    • TERV (techniques and challenges for virtual reality)
      • Lecture and practicals, 2021-now
    • LogIHM (HCI principals for virtual reality)
      • Lecture and practicals, 2021-now
École Centrale de Nantes
Engineering program
École Centrale de Nantes
Sep 2017 – Jun 2020 Nantes
  • First year program (eq. L3)
    • ALGPR (algorithm and programming)
      • Practicals, 2017-2019, 18h / year
    • Supervision of industrial projects
      • 2017-2020, 2 project groups / year
  • Second and third year, Virtual Reality major (eq. M1-2)
    • VSION (computer vision and augmented reality)
      • Practicals, 2017-2020, 28h / year
    • Initiation to the use of 3D software (Unity)
      • Practicals, 2018-2020, 6h / year
    • COARV (advanced knowledge in virtual reality)
      • Practicals and supervision of projects, 2018-2020, 22h / year
    • Supervision of application projects
      • 2017-2020, total: ~15 projects
École Polytechnique
Master program “Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Visual Computing”
École Polytechnique
Feb 2020 – Feb 2020 Palaiseau
  • One-day intervention (lecture and practicals) dedicated to Augmented Reality, as part of the “Virtual / Augmented Reality & 3D Interactions” major
    • Feb. 2020, 6h

Other activities

Outreach and Valorization

Pint of Science 2018 - Nantes

Outreach intervention on perceptual biases in virtual and augmented displays.

Innovatives SHS 2019

Presentation of the laboratory’s project Coraulis (Observation center in augmented reality and sound immersion site) at the annual CNRS (French National Research Agency) humanities exhibition.

Administrative Responsibilities

IMT Atlantique

  • Deputy teaching assistant to the department head for the Computer Science department
  • Project manager for the CEXI-HA platform (Centre d’EXpérimentation en Interaction pour l’Humain Augmenté) (Experimental Center for Interaction and Augmented Human)

Centrale Nantes

  • Student representative on the Board of Studies (2014-2016)
  • PhD Student representative on the Board of Directors (2018-2019)
  • PhD Student representative on the Scientific Council (2019-2020)

AAU Lab.

  • Member of the Laboratory Council (2019-2020)

Personal Interests

  • Fencing
  • Go (instructor for the French federation and president of the Brest club)
  • Travels
  • Photos (my Flickr profile)