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Conception d’un interacteur et proposition d’interactions tangibles pour le contrôle d’un essaim de robots

Perception of Shared Spaces in Collaborative Augmented Reality

Hybrid Collaborative across Heterogeneous Devices

Influence of the Mass of a Tool on Task Performance in Virtual Reality

Experimental study of perception in Virtual Reality

  • Contact : Étienne Peillard (, Prof. Anna Ma-Wyatt (
  • Sujet : Augmented Reality (AR) allows to present digital images, objects and environments superimposed on the real world. However, due to technical limitations, the rendering of these digital elements remains different from the real elements. This internship proposes to study the specific case of orientation in virtual environments and its impact on distance perception. Previous studies have shown that users’ perception of distances is compressed for objects placed on the sides of an environment. They suggest that this is due to the position of the user, seated and oriented in one direction. The aim of this internship is to test this hypothesis by means of a user study, investigating how this effect varies according to the user’s posture and the type of virtual environment.This internship proposes to explore this question through an experiment. The work to be carried out will be i) complete a review of the state of the art concerning the link between AR perception of distances and user position, ii) propose an experiment to test the research hypotheses, iii) adapt the existing experiment simulator to run the experiment, iv) run the experiment and analyze the results with the supervising team and v) participate in writing the related research paper
  • Mots-clés : Augmented Reality, Perception, Virtual Reality, User Study
  • Lieu : University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia

Étude de la perception du corps et de sa morphologie en Réalité Augmentée

Création d’un outil de représentation numérique de la pollution lumineuse en 3D temps réel

Etienne Peillard
Etienne Peillard
Associate Professor

My research interests include human perception issues in Virtual and Augmented Reality, spatial perception in virtual and augmented environments, and more generally, the effect of perceptual biases in mixed environments.