Improving Perception and Efficiency by adjusting the Representation in eXtended Reality

Industrial and economic context of the thesis to contribute to the increase in skills of SMEs in the Loire region in the field of eXtended Reality: Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (continuum from Virtual Reality to Augmented Reality) by facilitating the development of applications capable of integrating the business characteristics of their customers to facilitate the use and appropriation of these 3D applications. A particular focus will be made on the use of XR for knowledge transfer. The scientific part of this thesis will consist in studying and proposing models to facilitate the taking into account of users’ business environments in the creation of XR applications related to learning and more particularly to knowledge transfer. Recent works have highlighted that the issue of hand representation for laparoscopic surgery training was an influential factor on the quality of interaction. Conversely, other work has shown that it is possible to create a catalog of interactions for a task ontology. Finally, approaches based on the representation of gestures and/or expert behaviors seem promising to be able to efficiently guide users in the tasks they have to perform.

Etienne Peillard
Etienne Peillard
Associate Professor

My research interests include human perception issues in Virtual and Augmented Reality, spatial perception in virtual and augmented environments, and more generally, the effect of perceptual biases in mixed environments.