Augmented Reality and Tangible User Interface to Supervise and Interact with robot Swarms

Project funded by the French National Research Agency, led by Jérémy Rivière


Due to their distributed and autonomous nature, robot swarms have self-adaptation properties that are very useful, but which make any supervision (visualization and understanding) and control by a human operator very difficult. The two main scientific issues are helping the operator to understand and visualize the complex behaviour of the swarm, which emerges from the interactions between robots; and finding ways to interact with the swarm in an efficient way. This project proposes to use

  1. Augmented Reality to help visualize and understand the mechanisms of the swarm’s behaviour, and 2) to design and use a specific tangible interface to represent the spatial dynamics of the swarm, and influence it in a natural and intuitive way. An evaluation of the contribution of the RA-TUI device to the users’ understanding and usability of the system, within two experimentation framework, is planned.
Etienne Peillard
Etienne Peillard
Associate Professor

My research interests include human perception issues in Virtual and Augmented Reality, spatial perception in virtual and augmented environments, and more generally, the effect of perceptual biases in mixed environments.