PhD and postdoc

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Phd Offers

Support users’ awareness with virtual reality and augmented reality in the factory of future

Authoring and synchronization of the Digital Twin in virtual and augmented reality for the factory of the future

Immersive narrative visualisation for understanding autonomous maritime vessels

Perception and representation of city lighting and night-time atmospheres in Augmented Reality

  • Contact: Étienne Peillard ( and Myriam Servières (
  • Details: The precise subject will be jointly defined with the PhD candidate.
  • Keywords: Augmented Reality, lighting, night-time atmospheres
  • Funding: CIFRE with Observatoire de la Nuit
  • Collaboration: Observatoire de la Nuit and Centrale Nantes
  • Location: Nantes and/or Brest, France
  • Status: Looking for candidate, starting late 2024
  • Note: This topic is in partnership with an urban planning consultancy specializing in lighting environments. The candidate will be employed there (under a CIFRE contract), and the PhD topic will be jointly written with the company. The candidate will therefore need to demonstrate an interest and/or skills in both the technical field of mixed reality, and in urban planning and architecture aspects.

Enhancing Workspace and User Awareness in Asymmetric XR Collaboration

AI “perceptive assistance” during tele-operations of rovers in Deep Space

Postdoc Offers

Using avatars in Mixed Reality. Creation of an experimentation platform and development of avatarization algorithms

Etienne Peillard
Etienne Peillard
Associate Professor

My research interests include human perception issues in Virtual and Augmented Reality, spatial perception in virtual and augmented environments, and more generally, the effect of perceptual biases in mixed environments.