DR. Étienne Peillard

Associate Professor At IMT Atlantique

About Me

I am Associate Professor at IMT Atlantique. I am a member of the Inuit team from the Lab-Sticc lab.

In nov. 2020, I defended my PhD thesis, entitled "Toward a Characterization of Perceptual Biases in Mixed Reality: A Study of Factors Inducing Distance Misperception", conducted in cooperation between Centrale Nantes, the Inria Hybrid team as well as the AAU Crenau, and supervised by Guillaume Moreau, Ferran Argelaguet and Jean-Marie Normand.

Before this, I obtained an engineering degree at Centrale Nantes in 2017.

My current research interests include human perception issues in Virtual and Augmented Reality, spatial perception in virtual and augmented environments, and more generally, the effect of perceptual biases in mixed environments.

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"VR is sometimes compared to LSD, but VR users can share a world objectively, even if it’s fantastical, while LSD users cannot. VR worlds will require design and engineering effort, and will be best when you are willing to make the effort to create and share your own experiences. It will be like riding a bike, not a roller-coaster ride. Although there will be thrilling VR experiences, you’ll always [be] able to take off the goggles. You won’t lose control. VR will typically be “lower quality” than reality or dreams or psychedelic trips, although it will be up to you to hone your senses so you can notice the difference. LSD is ready now and VR won’t be good for a while. It might be more for your kids or their kids."Jaron Lanier